As soon as someone learns that I'm a culinary school graduate, the first question unfailingly asked is my favorite dish to cook. You'd think by now I would have just made up an answer, but I always hesitate and give an unexpected response. I genuinely don't have a favorite. What I most cherish is the act of cooking and enjoying food itself. In my opinion, the most satisfying part about being in the kitchen is constantly discovering new ways to create dishes based on what is seasonally available. Each season offers its own individuality and produces characteristic food that deserves to be celebrated exclusively.

With that said, I think I would best be described as an undefined cook. What I prepare most often revolves around healthy, natural, and wholesome ingredients, but I don't discriminate against any one food style. For instance, one day, I might have the urge to prepare a rustic comfort meal; the following, embellish a more elegant dish with bottarga or truffles; and the next, crave a humble salad with pure and simple ingredients. Though I'm open to eating anything, I prefer to avoid gluten, sugar, and processed foods and am a vegetarian 90% of the time. I'm lenient with these rules when I'm traveling or am presented with a meal that is worth the indulgence.

Aside from my passion for food, I love to travel and enjoy incorporating what I have experienced from different cultures into the food I prepare. (I also always find a way to bring the topic of food back in to the conversation.)

What you'll find here is a chronicle of these culinary whims, scrapbooks of my travels, and photos of aimless moments from my life. Through sharing this, I hope to encourage, inspire, and entertain.

Thank you for reading. :)

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